How do you explore work? Consider your interests and talents, the people around you, training and education, jobs, volunteering, a resume, and a play for the future.

Work Experiences Overview

Choose a card to find out about the different ways you can get some work experience right now! These are all great things to try while you are still in high school.

Part-Time Job

Who doesn't like a little extra cash!

Get paid for a job after school or during the summer. Try out different jobs to learn new skills and reach future job goals.

Job Shadowing

Sounds Interesting... tell me more

Hang out with someone at their job. See what it's like to do that job. Is this appealing to you? What do you need to know to do that job?

Watch the Job Shadowing Video!


Dream big and great things can happen!

Get real world work experience while learning the ropes from people with more experience. Learn about working in a field you're interested in to see if it's really for you.


You can make a difference!

Give your time and use your skills to serve your community. Find something to help you learn new things or is helpful to your community!


Walk the walk and talk the talk.

Get on the job training while getting paid. Get training and hands-on experience in a job.

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Career Mentor

Think of them as a work BFF...

Someone who gives you guidance and support to help you be your best at school and work. Learn from your mentor's experience and knowledge.

Simulated Work Experiences

It's like I'm really there!

Practice and learn in a realistic work environment. Learn to make decisions, solve problems, and try new things.

Student Led Enterprises

Sounds interesting... tell me more!

Take your idea for a product or service you want to sell and turn it into a business. Use your talents and learn how to make decisions.

Service Learning

Giving back to my community feels good.

Put what you're learning in school to use in your community. Help solve problems in your community. Learn about what you value while connecting with others.

Watch the Service Learning Video!