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Explore Work

Start Mapping Your Future!

Welcome! If you are a teen who has a disability, you have choices and things to do to prepare for life after high school and becoming an adult. Just like every teen, this is a time of transition. You are preparing to be an adult, get a job, and become more independent.
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We also now offer Teacher Account Subscriptions which will enable you to monitor and track the progress of a group of students you may be working with to complete Explore-Work training activities. Find out more about Teacher Accounts.

This training will help you:

Discover talents and jobs that may be a good fit for you!

Get experience and try out jobs right now!

Uncover education and training options to help you meet your job goals.

Learn about self-advocacy or how to ask for and get things you need.

Get skills to help you succeed at work and school.

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Get Started!

These are some of the topics to help you explore your future.

Career Planning and Job Exploration

Career Planning and Job Exploration

Find your talents!

What are you good at?

Find out about yourself and jobs that may be a good fit for you!

Get Started!
Work Experiences

Work Experiences

Practicing today will pay off in the future!

Try a job today!

Nothing beats having real work experience. How can you get some?

Get some experience!
School Beyond High School

School Beyond High School

More to learn...

Explore your options...

for learning after high school to achieve your goals.

Learn about Learning...
Work Readiness

Work Readiness

Learn about the essential skills you need to be successful at work.

Learn about

Communication, team work, problem solving, time management, good hygiene, managing your money, and other important skills!

I want these skills!


Learn how to ask questions and get what you need at work, in school, and in life.

Your Independence...

Self-Advocacy skills will help you navigate the world as an adult.

I'm ready to find out more!

... or Choose a Topic Below

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Career Planning and Job Exploration

Find my Talents
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Your First Work Experiences

Explore Work
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School Beyond High School

Training and Education Options
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Workplace Readiness

Get Skills for Work