Image of graduation hat and floating ideas for education options

Scavenger Hunt: Education Goal

Now that you have an idea of what type of learning will help you meet your work and career goals, it’s time for you to connect with people who can share their street smarts with you.

Do you know someone who has the type of education and learning you’re interested in? Ask them if they’d be willing to share their experience and knowledge with you.  If you don’t know someone, ask your school or vocational counselor if they could recommend someone who you could talk with.

The Scavenger Hunt: Education Activity Guide will help you get started or copy the questions below into your own document!

Questions to get you started:

You don’t have to limit yourself to these!  What do YOU want to know?

Who are you interviewing?

What path are you thinking of taking?

  • What are some things I can do in high school to prepare?
  • Who was helpful to you in planning what classes to take in high school?
  • Who helped you prepare for your future?
  • What was the most challenging thing about choosing what to do after high school?
  • Do you need any accommodations?  If so, who helps you get them?
  • Do you have any difficulties getting these accommodations?
  • Do you live on your own?  If so, what do you like about it?
  • Do you get any financial assistance to help pay for expenses?  If so, how did you get it?
  • Is there anything you wish you knew before you decided on this path?
  • What else can you tell me about your experience after high school?